Exit West

Mohsin Hamid, Exit West, Hamish Hamilton, 2017. Mohsin Hamid writes absolutely beautifully. He has these long, elegant sentences that never seem to get cumbersome. I'm sure there are people who would feel differently, but I do really like that kind of writing, and Hamid uses it in such a beautiful way. On multiple occasions reading … Continue reading Exit West


F. R. Kreutzwald, Kalevipoeg, translated by Triinu Kartus, 2011. If you don't know, Kalevipoeg is the Estonian national epic poem. Kreutzwald started writing it around 1850, and it had a series of publications beginning in 1853 and ending with the Estonian-language book form publication in Tartu in 1875. It is the foundational text of Estonian … Continue reading Kalevipoeg


History of the Peloponnesian War, translated by Rex Warner. There is a lot you could say about Thucydides. There's a reason people have been arguing about him for 2400 years. It was an interesting read, especially after Herodotus. He certainly has a very different style, famously zealously detailed and at the same time "austere," which … Continue reading Thucydides