Ramayana 2: Feminist Horseshoe-Politics

Horseshoe-politics is a theory that suggests that the further one moves toward a political extreme, the more one resembles those at the opposite end of the spectrum. Thus the political spectrum bends into a horseshoe shape. No doubt the theory has its limitations, but it is perceptive. During the presidential campaign, both Bernie Sanders and … Continue reading Ramayana 2: Feminist Horseshoe-Politics

“How Mosquitoes Came to Be” Thoughts on a Tlingit Myth

I don't know how universal the myth of the dragonslayer is. I'm skeptical of analyses of myths that become so general as to be meaningless (Joseph Campbell)—I'm neither alone nor original in feeling this way. The dragonslayer is certainly popular, of course, and that is why stories that break its rigidity in clever ways are … Continue reading “How Mosquitoes Came to Be” Thoughts on a Tlingit Myth